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Short Course On Regulation - Sapienza Università di Roma



The Quest for Effective Regulation

21-23 September 2015
(three full days: 10.00-14.00 15.00- 18.30)

Academic Directors:
Prof. Robert Baldwin, Prof. Marco D’Alberti, Prof. Nicoletta Rangone

The course will cover regulatory theory and all stages of the regulatory process,  from law and rule-making to institutional frameworks and enforcement. It will consider regulation from the perspectives of economists, lawyers, sociologists, political scientists and others. Individual seminars will examine not merely how regulation ought to be carried out and evaluated but how regulation tends to develop and how its incidence and shape can be explained. Lessons from the financial, utilities and other sectors will be drawn on.

Eligibility: the course is intended for students, scholars, civil servants, managers and officers of enterprises, professionals, barristers, solicitors, and attorneys who wish to reach an advanced education on regulation

Location: Sapienza Università di Roma, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome

Cost (including meals and supporting materials): € 1,500 (€1,200 each for three people of the same institution or firm; € 1,000 for five people of the same institution or firm); € 800 for researchers, PHD and undergraduate students 

Applications must be submitted before 10th September 20. The number of participants will be between 10 and 30, and an attendant certificate will be released

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