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Posner e a crise econômica: novo livro

American Constitution Society: ACS Blog

Posner's New Book To Question Government Response On Economic Crisis In a forthcoming book, federal appeals court judge and University of Chicago law professor Richard Posner tackles the nation’s economic debacle and questions his own views on capitalism. The Boston Globe’s Brainiac Blog reported recently that the forthcoming book, A Failure of Capitalism, will tag the government’s response to the economic crisis as seriously lacking. A spokesperson for the book’s publisher, Harvard University Press, said the book will also call into question Posner’s “own long-standing views on capitalism and the free market.”

Posner, a judge on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is a prolific writer, and according to Brainiac is writing the book faster than Harvard University Press can edit it. “Harvard got the rights to the book on the condition that it could turn it around by April; Posner finished the manuscript on January 30,” wrote Christopher Shea for Brianiac. “Everything
was on track, with bound galleys ready for reviewers last week [late February]. Posner, however, just kept writing: He submitted an additional 10,000 words on events that followed the submission of his first draft, which editors hastily reviewed and added.”

Posner is still writing frequently on the economic crisis at The
Becker-Posner Blog.

O Iders agradece o Prof. Germano Schwartz pelo envio da notícia.

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